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Humanity is facing unprecedented times with major challenges in geo-politics, in busines and the economy and the environment. We have to fundamentally challenge our current paradigms to survive and flourish. To thrive in this changing landscape, we need a new language and a new framework for both business and life.

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"When you put one color next to another, you change both"

As a key local liaison for international stakeholders, I specialize with Knowmad Consulting in seamlessly connecting diverse cultures and business sectors. My approach recognizes that complex problems require broader and deeper wisdom across a variety of disciplines, guiding my efforts to proactively identify and address concerns. Providing invaluable insights, I ensure smooth navigation through intricate scenarios, backed by strategic foresight and risk management to unlock opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls.Enjoys building connections across sectors and countries - particularly for public sector organizations in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, I illuminate pathways to opportunity, backed by sharp market analysis. This strategic advice enables partners to make informed decisions. I also invigorate organizational growth by turning challenges into opportunities for progress through innovative leadership development, cultivating high-performing teams, and embedding a culture of collaboration that enhances institutional agility and resilience.The services of Knowmad Consulting are custom designed to address your unique challenges, specifically focused on your context and possibilities. Inspired by the vast richness of human wisdom traditions, I thoughtfully integrate these insights into my consulting methodology.


„When we decided to expand our cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, we knew that we would need an experienced and competent liaison officer to meet this challenge. Fortunately, we chose Youssef and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.From the very beginning, Youssef has worked with exceptional commitment and expertise. His ability to bridge cultural differences and establish effective communication channels between our team and the book fair organizers was impressive. Thanks to his deep understanding of the specific requirements of international projects, we were not only able to achieve our goals, but even exceed them.Youssef provided us with valuable insights into market strategies and networking. His proactive approach and ability to react quickly to unforeseen situations contributed significantly to the success of our project.We are deeply grateful to Youssef for his outstanding work and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for an experienced and dedicated liaison officer. His work has made a significant difference to our success in working with the Abu Dhabi Book Fair“ – Markus G. (Director Global Brand Management & Strategy Frankfurt Book Fair)

„When we were faced with the challenge of improving communication and cooperation between our German and French offices in Paris, Youssef was an invaluable support as Liaison Officer. His ability to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers played a crucial role in the development of our international relationships.Youssef not only demonstrated excellent language skills in German and French, but also a deep understanding of the cultural nuances of both countries. His diplomatic and sensitive approach to facilitating meetings and resolving misunderstandings has been impressive. He has actively contributed to creating an atmosphere of trust and openness, which is essential for our intercultural cooperation.His commitment to developing and implementing strategies that have improved the efficiency and productivity of both teams is particularly noteworthy. His proactive approach and ability to find innovative solutions to complex challenges have contributed significantly to the success of our projects.I am deeply grateful to Youssef for his outstanding work and would have no hesitation in recommending him to any company looking for a competent and dedicated Liaison Officer. His contribution has been instrumental in strengthening the relationship between our offices in Germany and France and has had a lasting positive impact on our organization.“ – Gregory A. M. (CEO Hubwoo)

„It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Youssef, who served as an exceptional liaison and facilitator between Detecon and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. During his tenure, Youssef demonstrated a remarkable blend of skill, dedication, and cultural intelligence that contributed significantly to the success of our joint projects.Youssef's ability to navigate complex discussions and negotiations was nothing short of impressive. He has a unique talent for understanding and aligning diverse business interests, which was critical in bridging the gap between our German-based team and our partners in Abu Dhabi. His fluency in multiple languages, including Arabic and German, facilitated seamless communication and fostered a deeper mutual understanding.One of Youssef's most notable contributions was his role in developing and implementing a strategic framework that improved our operational efficiency. His insights into the financial sector, combined with his technical expertise, enabled us to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, thereby delivering exceptional value.In addition, Youssef's interpersonal skills and professionalism made him a favorite of both teams. He was not only a facilitator, but also a trusted advisor who could be relied upon for thoughtful advice and perspective. His positive attitude and ability to handle pressure with grace ensured that even the most challenging situations were successfully navigated.In conclusion, Youssef's contribution to our relationship with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi has been invaluable. He is a true asset to any team and I wholeheartedly recommend him to any organization seeking a skilled liaison officer and facilitator. His departure is a significant loss for us, but we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in his future endeavors.“ – Ahmed Al N. (Chief Executive Officer at Emirates Development Bank)

About me

The essence of any project doesn't solely rest in its mechanics or goals but rather in the human orchestrating its existence. The person behind the project embodies the vision, passion, and dedication that breathe life into its every facet

Born in 1980 in Bonn, Germany's former capital, to Algerian parents, I was immersed in a multicultural environment from an early age. This upbringing instilled in me a profound appreciation for diverse languages and cultures, which have consistently been pivotal in my life.My travels and interactions across four continents have enriched my understanding of work, collaboration, and culture. This has given me a deeper appreciation of these concepts.With 17 years of consulting experience, my role as a Manager and Senior Consultant for Organizational Design is deeply enriched by my extensive experience at the intersection of organizations, people and culture. My mission, honed over nearly two decades, is to leverage my comprehensive range of expertise to fully support and empower the clients I serve, especially those within the public sector, through a collaborative co-construction framework. My long-standing understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds and communication styles enables me to foster effective communication and collaboration across cultures. This depth of experience ensures that I am uniquely positioned to drive positive organizational change and innovation.


Whether you are interested in starting an organizational development project or need a thought-provoking event that is carefully crafted to inspire creativity, foster meaningful connections, and drive innovation, I would love to work with your organization.Just drop me a message here and I'll get back to you!